Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

During a conference call with the Press which took place in the Kremlin after the June 12 Summit in Singapore, Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of President Vladimir Putin, announced that Russia was extremely satisfied to have witnessed the success of creating a new political bridge between the US and the DPRK during the historical summit. Dmitry also confirmed that just the fact that a meeting of this stature was able to proceed smoothly, and that the first ever direct dialogue had finally been initiated by both countries, was extremely welcomed by the Kremlin.

In his statements, Dmitry Peskov also pointed out that the success of the summit proved the truthfulness which resided within President Vladimir Putin’s earlier words where the President declared that the only way to resolve the tensions within the Korean Peninsula was to start a first-hand dialogue. Russia had always stressed upon the fact that there could be no substitute or alternative to political and diplomatic methods when the matter came down to dealing with international problems already in a very fragile and critical point.

Dmitry also mentioned that even though no conspicuous results had come out of the Trump-Kim Summit as of yet, in no way did that herald a failure of the diplomatic mission, as, if everything remains on track, more changes between the US-North Korea relations were yet to come. As he also explained, many issues which were tackled during the summit had had a long history of being ingrained in the Korean Peninsula, and a sudden intrusion from the West could never have solved that problem within a day.

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