Hong Kong leader Lam condemns protesters’ ‘extreme use of violence’ in vandalizing legislature

Hong Kong Protests
Pro-democratic protesters clash riot police

Hong Kong, July 2: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday condemned the protest took place on the anniversary of the city’s 1997 status shift from British to China, what she termed the “extreme use of violence” by demonstrators who have vandalized the legislature on Monday.

According to BBC news reports, activists seized the Legislative Council (LegCo) premise for several protesting hours after attempting breaking their way into the building from a rally.

The chief executive has held a pre-dawn media conference after the security forces launched tear gas and rubber bullets, and dispersed the intruders.

Lam called the protest a scenario that has “really saddens … and shocks a lot of people”.

Fringed by police commissioner Lo Wai-Chug, Lam stated the actions take by protesters who broke into the legislature premise were “something that we should seriously condemn, because nothing is more important than the rule of law in Hong Kong”.

Tens of hundreds of protesters destroyed photos and staining walls with graffitis in a challenge to China, protesting against a controversial extradition bill which would permit suspects in the city to be sent to mainland China for court prosecution.

Lam-led government called for an immediate halt to the violent demonstrations, stating the government had suspended all workings on the extradition law amendments, and that the bill would automatically lapse in 2020 July.

Though there were no immediate responses from the protesting group, a few were seen pulling back as the evening arrived.

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of people have staged mass protests in the territory against a controversial extradition bill which would permit suspects in Hong Kong to be sent to mainland China for prosecution and court trials.

The protesters’ demands include a full withdrawal of the extradition bill, revoking “riot” term describing protest on June 12, freeing all arrested activists, and probe into the police action.


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