Violent anti-extradition bill protests pushed Hong Kong economy into ‘dangerous situation’: Carrie Lam

Hong Kong Protests : Leader Carrie Lam

Hong Kong, August 5: Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam said on Monday violent demonstrations have pushed the city to a verge of a “very dangerous situation” and have been affecting the economy heavily.

Lam was quoted by CNN as saying, “The violent protest actions have pushed Hong Kong to a very dangerous situation. The violence and destructive acts have escalated, including blocking the tunnel, MTR, and surrounding police stations. Some extreme violent protesters even threw bricks, threw petrol bombs and made bombs.”

Lam stated, “Our economy and livelihood have started to show signs of problems. Our society is becoming unsafe and unstable.”

In addition, the leader further added the low-income outfits are the one which is most affected due to the riots, which originally kicked-off against a controversial extradition bill that would permit suspects in the territory to be sent to mainland China for court prosecution.

The pro-Chinese government was further quoted by CNN as saying, “As a result of these widespread disruptions and violence, the great majority of Hong Kong people are in a state of great anxiety. Some of them do not know whether they could take some forms of public transport, while others right now are being blocked on the way to work.”

Lam said her government will be “resolute” in maintaining the law and order in the city.



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