‘Time for Donald Trump to go home’, Maduro accuses US President of colonizing Venezuela

During a speech before thousands of his supporters, embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro vowed to defend his country’s independence with his life, further calling his rival Juan Guaido , the opposition leader, a “small group of dummies” against him, who “can’t think of themselves”.

According to Fox News reports, Maduro also accused the United States President Donald Trump of trying to colonize Venezuela, seeking paths to seize its oil. Maduro said those who are opposing his, are letting Trump call the shots but the Venezuelan citizens do not know it.

“It’s time for our people to tell Donald Trump, ‘Donald Trump, Yankee, go home, Donald Trump,” Maduro said to his supporters in Caracas wearing red shirts, the colour of socialist party of Venezuela.

Maduro also mocked the self-proclaimed interim president Guaido and asked him why he has not called for a presidential election if he truly wants to hold to power. Maduro called Guaido a puppet of the White House.

Guaido has vowed to oust Maduro a month ago and said to restore democracy to embattled Venezuela as if faces humanitarian crisis and political unrest. Guaido has also launched its efforts to let humanitarian aid into the country from its neighbour Colombia.

However, Maduro strongly denied there is any humanitarian crisis in the country and also resisted calls to accept international aid, especially from the United States.

Maduro has on Saturday announced he is going to break diplomatic ties with Colombia and also ordered its diplomatic in Colombia to leave the country within 24 hours.


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