Venezuela would recover ‘little by little’: President Maduro blames USA for power blackout in the region

Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has noted that the nation would in future recover “little by little” from the electricity problem, amidst widespread power blackout in the country.

According to ANI news reports, during a televised address, Maduro has said that the power blackout was an “electronic coup” which was carried out by the United States, calling them as “criminal minds”, as CNN reported.

Venezuela, which is currently facing a political and humanitarian crisis in the region, has experienced a total blackout last week which has left 22 states out of 23 without electric power in the country.

The electricity disruption still continues to be in effect, has hit the nation on Thursday with a national electricity supplier corpoelec, further alleging “sabotage” at Guri hydroelectric power plant.

Due to the power blackouts,  hospitals across Venezuela has suffered largely, and an NGO had called on doctors for health, that has claimed 13 people have lost their lives yet due to the power blackouts alone.

In his televised address, the Venezuelan president has blamed the US president Donald Trump for the power blackout, stating that the “imperialist government of the United States ordered this attack”. However, the claim was unaccompanied by any proofs.


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