Nicolas Maduro offers to create permanent ‘table’ for peace talks with Venezuela’ opposition chief Juan Guaido

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Buenos Aires, July 20: Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro-led government has on Friday offered to maintain a permanent “table” for dialogues with its opposition leader Juan Guaido for peace and stability in the nation, during the latest round of discussions in Barbados.

While addressing a meeting with his United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Maduro said: “Yesterday, the Venezuelan delegation returned from the second round of negotiations in Barbados … Our key proposal is to create a permanent ‘table’ for dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition for peace and Venezuela.”

He suggested the presidential elections were “around the corner”, adding he expected on Monday to receive a plan, offering details about all actions for winning votes of citizens, to prepare PSUV for upcoming general elections, according to Sputnik news reports.

Talks are continuing between Maduro and his opposition Guaido in Barbados, the Norwegian foreign ministry, a mediator helping to reach a political settlement in Venezuela, has said on late Thursday in a rare official statement over the progress of the negotiations, according to Reuters news reports.

Last month, Maduro has said the second round of negotiations has been conducted with the opposition in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, noting secret dialogues have been underway for around a couple of months.

The Norwegian government has stated the parties have demonstrated their willingness to move towards finding for “an agreed-upon and constitutional solution” for Venezuela, which is facing an economic and political crisis.


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