Maldives approaches to rejoin Commonwealth organization, an effort made to rebuild its links

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The Maldives took a step forward to rebuilds its links and has applied to rejoin Commonwealth after as surprise election victory in Maldives over autocratic predecessor.

Three months after the Maldives’ president has faced the defeat, the Maldives asked to rejoin the Commonwealth. Maldives is seeking readmission to the Commonwealth organization after two years, when it has withdrew from it under an autocratic presidency of Abdulla Yameen.

Commonwealth had put pressure on Yameen’s government that time, over its rule of law and its human rights records. The bloc – comprised of former British territories, had warned the Maldives of possible suspensions over the concerns about the arrest of the opponent of president, freedom of speech and also the judicial independence.

Last week, newly elected Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had wrote a letter to Commonwealth secretary-general Patricia Scotland, underlining the Maldives government interest and commitment over to rejoin the organization after two years.

Solih’s administration, in an official statement to Commonwealth organization, said that he had “highlighted the administration’s belief in the values of democracy, good governance, human rights, gender equality and sustainable development in the Maldives”.

The statement further added Solih saying, “His administration does not believe in the success of such endeavours whilst maintaining a policy of isolation from the outside world.”

Solih took the positioning of president last month following a surprise “landslide victory” in presidency election in September. Under the presidency of Yameen, it had grown close allies with China and had drew many criticism from India over his authoritarian tactics which includes political dissent crack down and the jailing of Supreme Court justices.



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