The Indian Wire » World » US shuts crossing as refuge-seeking migrants seize US-Mexico bridge to Brownsville

US shuts crossing as refuge-seeking migrants seize US-Mexico bridge to Brownsville

Migrants at US-Mexico border

Washington DC, Oct 11: Asylum-seeking migrants in the United States, camped in a Mexican border town, on Thursday seized a bridge to Brownsville, Texas, prompting the US government to shut the crossing, as per authorities and witnesses.

Thousands of migrants have been taking refuge on the end of a Mexican bridge in Matamoros – a city well known for gang violence & cartels that control human trafficking.

Huge numbers of those living in tents or on the asphalt in a plaza adjoining the bridge are awaiting court dates for hearings in America weeks or months after under a US arrangement called the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), according to Al-Jazeera.

Video shot by a Reuters picture indicated men, ladies, and youngsters, some lying on covers, halfway across the bridge over the Rio Grande. Many US outskirt operators remained behind an entryway bested with razor wire, which hindered the way into the US.

A few migrants said they were attempting to cross as a gathering into the US, and were baffled that court dates continued being pushed in reverse, leaving them questionable of to what extent they would be stuck in Mexico.

“We want to argue to cross over – we didn’t ask to be in Mexico, they sent us here unjustly,” said a man, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Matamoros mayor Mario Lopez and a Mexican movement authority begged refuge seekers to clear the blockage.

In excess of 51,000 migrants, generally refuge seekers, have been returned to Mexico under MPP. Around 8,000 have been sent to Matamoros, an outskirt city in wrongdoing wracked Taumaulipas state, since the strategy was extended in July from different regions of the US-Mexico fringe.

Their feeling of vulnerability comes in the midst of updates on moving US policies. The US Supreme Court gave a choice a month ago that would enable the US government to deny haven to individuals who have gone through a third nation, for example, Mexico, and not mentioned asylum there first.


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