Benjamin Netanyahu terms Modi, Trump’s Israel visits historic

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Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has termed the Israel visits of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US president Donald Trump as historic and added that these visits will make way for great international relations of Isreal with the two countries.

Benjamin Netanyahu was speaking at United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. In his address, he added that Israel has seen a number of world leaders, including presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers visiting the country this year, however, two visits by the top two influential leaders stand out. He also stated that Israel’s partnership with India will create a number of opportunities for both the country and humanity.

Recalling the time since his UN address a year ago, Netanyahu said that until last year, Israel was still in the process of establishing itself on the world map. He added that the last year has been phenomenal in Israel’s journey. Hundreds of world leaders have visited the country and Israel has truly got an international status, well accepted by some of the greatest world powers.

he recalled the details of his interaction with Trump and Modi and stated that the gesture by both these leaders has touched hearts of millions of Israelis and the country will continue to work with the other counterparts to ensure peace and cooperation worldwide.