North Korea accuses US of being ‘hell-bent’ on hostile acts against DPRK

increasing differences between US and North Korea
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Pyongyang, July 4: North Korea has on Wednesday accused the United States of being “hell-bent” on hostile acts, despite an agreement reached between the two sides to resume denuclearization talks.

According to BBC news reports, North Korea’s team of the delegation said to the United Nations (UN) that Washington was “obsessed with sanction”.

Pyongyang also accused the US of attempting to undermine the peaceful atmosphere at the Korean Peninsula.

N Korean delegation stated it was replying to a Washington allegation that Pyongyang has violated a 2017 cap over refined petroleum imports.

The delegation also said it was replying to a joint statement sent by the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the US to all the UN member states that called for additional sanction against North Korea.

The row comes two days after both the leaders of two nations held a bilateral summit on the sidelines of the G20 summit held in Osaka, Japan, last weekend.

Reportedly, the joint letter asked all UN members to send emigrant N Korean workers way back home.

“What can’t be overlooked is the fact that this joint letter game was carried out… on the very same day when President Trump proposed [a] summit meeting,” the statement read.

“[It] speaks to the reality that the United States is practically more and more hell-bent [on] hostile acts against the DPRK [North Korea].”

“All UN member states will have to keep vigilance against deliberate attempts by the United States to undermine the peaceful atmosphere that has been created on the Korean Peninsula,” it said.

Pyongyang added it was quite ” ridiculous” for Washington to view its sanctions as “panacea for all problems”. However, the US did not yet respond to Pyongyang’s statement.



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