Japan, Nepal sign Labour pact to destine Nepali workers to’Specified Skilled Workers’ status in Japan

Japan and Nepal have inked a Labour agreement on Monday, under which Nepali workers in Japan will be received with the status of “Specified Skilled Workers” (SSW).

According to ANI news reports, the labour pact signed between two sides will be in effect from April 1 and would not be applied over those who have gone to Japan earlier.

Joint secretary at the ministry of labour, Ram Prasad Ghimire, Japanese envoy to Nepal, employment and social security and Masamichi Saigo inked the agreement on Monday.

According to the memorandum of cooperation, under the department of foreign employment, a separate organization will be established to process the recruitment of Nepali workers with the status of residence of SSW including the calls for applicants to facilitate Japan’ side to conduct the language and skills tests as well as overseeing the development of proceeded successful applicants to Japan.

The MoC pact also stated a joint committee along with both sides’ representatives has been established in order to ensure the verified implementation of the MoC pact and take necessary measures to improve the recruitment, employment and repatriation of Nepali workers with the status of the resident of SSW.

As per the pact, Japan plans to take Nepali migrant worker under 14 sectors to work which includes sanitation, construction, nursing and industrial. According to the Japanese plan, in the first five years, a total of 345,150 workers are expected to be undertaken which will include 53,000 workers for restaurants and 60,000 nurses.

All the workers will come to Japan from Nepal and after they match the eligibility criteria, the workers will be paid off with a minimum salary of Nepal Rs 200,000 per month.

On January 16, Nepal had proposed Japan to send its workers during a discussion held between both sides’ technical teams to decide the process.

Japan is slated to intake those workers from Nepal, Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and the Philippine.

In fact, Japan has initiated the visa process system to take migrant workers from these countries.






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