Jeremy Corbyn : UK opposition’s main priority is to avert no-deal Brexit with legislation

Jeremy Corbyn No-Deal Brexit priority

London, Sep 25: Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of UK’s opposition Labour Party, said on Wednesday his first priority is to prevent no-deal Brexit with legislation and after that a no-confidence vote in order to push British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign.

According to Reuters news reports, he said it would be appropriate if we press for an election only when no-deal Brexit will be averted.

“Quite simply our first priority is to prevent a no-deal exit from the EU,” Corbyn told BBC Radio 4. “At that poing it would be appropriate to move a vote of no confidence to force the prime minister to resign.”

The opposition leader said the prime minister should apologize to Queen Elizabeth and to the citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) post Britsh Supreme Court ruled Johnson’s suspension of the parliament for straight five weeks was “unlawful”.

However, Johnson said on Monday do not expect any breakthrough in Brexit deal at dialogues with the European Union (EU) leaders on the sidelines of the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session in New York, saying differences remain the same but progress over striking a deal had been made.

The hopes of Brexit breakthrough were stoked when Johnson last week said inking a final agreement on Brexit with the EU leaders were emerging and European Commission President Junker stated a deal was possible. However, both the sides are at a deadlock over Johnson’s desire to remove Irish Backstop border deal from the divorce deal.

After over three years of Brexit impasse, the UK is finally heading towards a final confrontation with the bloc as Johnson has pledged to withdraw Britain from the EU scheduled on October 31 with or without any deal, unless it green flags to renegotiate the divorce arrangements.

Johnson has opened his bid to renegotiate Brexit deal with the European Union (EU), demanding the removal of the Irish backstop from the Brexit agreement and replaced it with a vow.

The EU and its leaders have reiterated refusal to relaunch the Withdrawal Agreement which includes the official procedure on the Irish border ‘backstop’ that was agreed by ex-Prime Minister Theresa May in November.

The EU seeks to ensure its only land border along with the UK doesn’t become a “back door” for items to enter the bloc’s single market – which promises free supplies of capital, labour, goods, and services, after Brexit.

And the UK doesn’t want any border – virtual or effective, between Northern Ireland and Britain. Northern Irish unionists have propped up the government of Johnson.


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