Iran won’t give Europeans more time to protect it from US sanction; to begin enriching uranium in July

London, June 19: Iran on Wednesday said it will begin enriching restricted uranium in July at a higher level and that it would not provide additional time to Europeans to prevent this aggression by securing it from US sanctions.

Tehran has ceased complying with its obligations under the landmark 2015 international nuclear deal, the International Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, in May that was agreed with world powers, a year after United States President Donald Trump withdrew America from the accord and re-imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

In May, Tehran said it would begin enriching uranium at a greater level unless the world powers secured Iranian economy from rising US threats and sanctions within 60 days, with given July 8 as a deadline.

Iran’s atomic energy organizations spokesperson Behrouz Kamalvandi was quoted by Tasnim news agency as saying, “Iran’s two-month deadline to remaining signatories of the JCPOA (nuclear deal) cannot be extended, and the second phase will be implemented exactly as planned,” according to Reuters news reports.

In the very first phase of withdrawing from the nuclear commitments on May 8, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has announced a cease to enriched uranium and heavy water sales by Iran to other nations.

The INF pact permits such sales to other nations so Tehran could continue reducing its uranium stockpiles below maximum thresholds.

On Monday, Iran said it would begin breaching the pact on its low-enriched stockpiled uranium in next 10 days.

Germany, France, the United Kingdom (UK) planned to push a new effort to keep Tehran under its obligations to the INF pact despite Iran’s threat to violate one of the central limits.



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