North Korea marks Late Kim Jong II seventh death anniversary on December 17th

North Koreans on December 17, observed the seventh anniversary of the death of Kim Jong II, father of Kim Jong Un, with visiting its statues and also vowing of loyalty to Kim Jong Un – successor of Kim Jong II.

About hundreds of thousands of people gathered around to mark the day and offered flowers and also paid respects to the late Kim Jong at the Mansu Hill in the central Pyongyang, the place where huge bronze statues of “dear leader” was situated.

On December 17, 2011, Kim Jong II died with providing such responsibilities to his son when he was still at the age of 20 and was a virtual unknown figure – outside of the North Korea.

Despite of allegations on Kim Jong Un that he could not be able to coup up with his task and designation, he consolidated his power and ruled the country and bolstered its economy on the face of international sanctions and reached a goal, which his father and grandfather dreamt of.

Late Kim was also memorialized in a countless statues, cenotaphs and mosaics around the country.. The north Korean wore a symbolic pin to bear the likeness of late Kim.

The North was about the have Kim’s image joined with the others on every wall, though Kim and Ri Sol Ju, his wife, referred to a title – “chairman” for Kim and “respected first lady” for Ri.


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