Norway ends arms export to Turkey amid ‘Operation Peace Spring’ offensive into Syria

Norway Foreign minister Ine Eriksen Soreide

Oslo, Oct 11: Norway’s foreign ministry has on Thursday said the nation will not issue any fresh applications for the export licenses for the multi-use military element to Turkey and was reviewing the existing ones.

The Turkish defence ministry said on Thursday the nation’s troops are continuing their advancement into northern Syria following its launched offensive operation – “Operation Peace Spring“, to remove PKK/YPG groups that control northern Syria. Ankara’s decision of advancing into Syria is in line with self-defence set out in the United Nations (UN) charter, the ministry claimed.

Foreign minister Ine Eriksen Soreide was quoted by Dagbladet newspaper as saying: “As the situation is unclear and rapidly changing, the Foreign Ministry, as a precautionary measure, will not process new applications for export licenses for military and multi-use military products to Turkey for the time being.”

While adding Norway will review all the valid license to Turkey, he stressed the development is taking place following the pertaining situation with “deep” concerns and reiterated Oslo’s clear call for Ankara to put an end to its military offensive operation into Syria and respect international law.

The foreign ministry further expressed this deep concern during a meeting on Friday with the Turkish ambassador to Norway, Søreide stressed, according to Sputnik.

Labour party’s Anniken Huitfedlt, who chairs the foreign affairs committee, argued Oslo should “give Turkey a clear message within the framework of NATO commitments”, further calling for further clear condemnation of Ankara’s actions.

“In kroner and pennies this maybe not much, but anyway it is important to prevent defence material from Norway from being used in war”, Lysbakken stressed.

Reds chief Bjornar Moxnes has suggested the authorities must end its all arms exports to Turkey in order to avoid contributing to its military operation into Syria.


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