US urges American nations to break ties with North Korea

US Vice-President urged Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru to break ties with North Korea, this was just an informal suggestion for the nations.

Trump fired his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon

White House beset by internal divisions, staff infighting and a storm of controversies after Donald Trump fired Steve Bannon.
Next level bilateral ties

India and US takes bilateral ties to a new level

A new high-level mechanism, in the form of the "2+2" format, has been added to the strategic and commercial dialogue between India and US.
war between Japan and China

China reprimands Japan for comment on Doklam

Japan has shown its support to India on Doklam issue and thus China has warned Japan not to make irrelevant comments without clarifying facts
happy leaders

Want to strengthen ties with India : Vladimir Putin

On the auspicious day of India's independence day, Vladimir Putin showed his interest in strengthening ties between Russia and India. 
Boris Johnson with Narendra Modi

UK-India committed to tackle global challenges : Boris Johnson

Two countries are committed to working together to promote their people's prosperity and tackle the global challenges said, Boris Johnson.
powerful Xi Jinping

Chinese Premier Xi Jinping looks to congress to cement authority

Xi Jinping will launch his second five-year term as party chief and move to cement his status as China's most powerful leader in decades.
missile engines of North Korea

North Korea can produce its own missile engines : US

The Us said that North Korea doesn't rely on imports and has the ability to produce its own missile engines. 
Arar Border Crossing re-opens

Saudi Arabia and Iraq to re-open border crossing after 27 years

Iraq and Saudi Arabia will reopen the Arar Border for trade and this will be a great start for future cooperation between both the nations.
breaking ties between the US and Iran

If US keeps adding new sanctions then Iran can quit the nuclear deal :...

Hussain Rouhani has warned the US that Iran could abandon its 2015 nuclear deal if the United States keeps on imposing new sanctions.