Pakistan’ Imran-US’ Trump meet top priority, seek to bolster US-Pak ties: Islamabad’s new envoy

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Pakistan’s new envoy Dr Asad Majeed on Monday, arrived in Washington to take charge of the efforts to once again bolster the close relationship between the two countries – the United States and Pakistan, who intend to explore the possibility of a meeting between President Donald Trump and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan in future, considered as one of the top priorities of the new envoy.

The US president has on January 2, expressed his desire to meet and hold talks with PM Imran Khan aimed at US-proposed effort to the Afghan peace process in order to end 17-year-old Afghan war and crisis.

Trump has said, “I look forward to meeting the folks from the new leadership in Pakis­tan [and] we will be doing that in not-too-distant future.”

According to Dawn reports, the reports in the US, Indian and Pakistani media, recently claimed both Islamabad and Washington were exploring a possibility to bring Khan to Washington for a White House meeting with Trump.

However, diplomatic sources in Washington claimed it could only happen if there’s a progress in Taliban-US talks.

Majeed’s effort to revive talks between the American-Pakistani communities will be restricted by the US ban that will prohibit diplomats from Pakistan to travel outside of a 25-mile radius around Washington without any approval.


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