Pakistan seeks to play reconciling role worldwide but opposes military coalition: PM Imran Khan


Islamabad, June 13: Prime Minister Imran Khan has told Sputnik Pakistan seeks to play an important peacemaking role worldwide and that the nation is against joining any military coalition.

In an interview, Khan told Sputnik Pakistan seeks to be a nation which will bring other nations together, play a part in reconciling differences between nations, according to Sputnik news reports.

He added, “But we would never want to be part of any country, which joins any war coalitions. We want to play a part in bringing countries together, and peace, and trade, so that we can have more harmony in this world. So I am an idealist and that is what I believe.”

Khan stressed the globe needs to focus over boosting trade and eliminating poverty, saying “all the tensions that are going on in the Middle East … the Muslim world is suffering from some sort of war, some sort of bloodshed”.

The Pakistani prime minister said the nation has suffered a lot in past 10-15 years after combing with the United States war on terrorism. Khan stated Islamabad was “trying everything” to assist restore peace and stability in Afghanistan, ensuring the Taliban movement was in contact with Afghanistan’s government to that end.

“They are already talking to the Americans, and we hope that the Taliban will then talk to the Afghan government so that there is peace,” Khan added.

He said Pakistan will continue to try every possible thing and is also trying to help for the establishment of peace and stability in the global stage.


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