Paris agreement fatally ‘flawed’, Donald Trump on French Emmanuel Macron’s ease on fuel tax hike

The United States President Donald trump on Tuesday, said that the withdrawal of French leader Emmanuel Macron over hikes on fuel tax amid “yellow vest” protest in Paris, justified Macron’s rejection of 2015 Paris agreement on fighting over climate change.

In a tweet, Trump wrote: “I am glad that my friend Emmanuel Macron and the protesters in Paris have agreed with the conclusion I reached two years ago.”

Calling Paris agreement a “flawed” agreement, Trump wrote: “The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed because it raises the price of energy for responsible countries while whitewashing some of the worst polluters in the world.”

Trump further wrote: “I want clean air and clean water and have been making great strides in improving America’s environment. But American taxpayers – and American workers – shouldn’t pay to clean up others countries’ pollution.”


French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Tuesday, announced the suspension of fuel taxes for the next six months, in order to ease the tension created by “yellow vest” protesters movement, which has radicalized Paris.

Philippe said increased planned will be suspended for six month with some of the other measures to be announced, aimed to appease the protest, three weeks after insisting the government would remained constant and determined to their courses and help French consumers wean off from polluting fossils fuels.

According to news reports, Philippe said, “No tax merits putting the unity of the nation in danger,” adding the protests “originates from a profound injustice: of not being able to live with dignity from one’s work”.

Philippe said, “We must appease the situation for the French people.” He said any further protest should be declared before in advance and “take place calmly”. Philippe told a member of parliament from the majority, “We need to calm the situation down to prevent it degenerating.”


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