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‘Anti-extradition bill’ protest leader calls for mass rally on Sunday in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, June 14: Protest leaders of Hong Kong has on Thursday announced the plans to hold another mass demonstration rally on Sunday in the territory, ratcheting their campaign against extradition bill to China, a day after security forces tried dispersing protesters from the streets making the use of rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray.

The fresh confrontation was settled due to this move with the city’s leaders who refused to withdraw the proposed bill and have a strong backing of China, who termed the protests “riots”, according to Dawn news reports.

On Wednesday, demonstrations broke out with occasional spat with police, but however, this time the crowd was lesser.

The Hong Kong government has also indefinitely postponed a parliamentary debate on the bill which was originally scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

However, protesters have pledged not to dismiss their demonstrations until the law gets abandoned entirely, calling for a further mass rally on Sunday in the city.

The main protest group, Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) Jimmy Sham said, “(We) will fight until the end with Hong Kong people.” “When facing ignorance, contempt, and suppression, we will only be stronger, there will only be more Hong Kong people,” he told reporters.

The Hong Kong authorities have on Thursday shut federal offices in the centre of the city following mass protests against a controversial extradition bill that permits suspects in the territory to be sent to mainland China for a court trial.

Embattled Hong Kong leader has described the demonstrations as politically motivated “riots” and criticized protesters who resorted to “dangerous and life-threatening acts”.

Anti-riot gear wearing local police have on Wednesday launched tear gases, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and batons, on demonstrators protesting on the streets of Hong Kong against the controversial extradition law.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong on Wednesday, continuing their demonstration against a controversial “extradition bill”. Protests broke as lawmakers were slated to address the second reading of the extradition bill alongside holding a debate over the matter.

Chinese central government has on Wednesday firmly reiterated its support for the Hong Kong government on passing the extradition law, which permits suspects in the territory to be extradited to mainland China for their court trial, the foreign ministry said.


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