Protesters Take to Streets of Eastern France Against President Macron’s Economic Policies

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President Macron’s decision to take it upon himself to introduce various economic reforms throughout France has not been received in a positive way amongst most of the union of the country. On the 26th of May, thousands of people belonging to over 80 unions, like the far-left political parties, the civil rights groups, and the hard-line CGT trade union, marched upon the streets of eastern Paris and Marseilles. The exact number of protestors are unknown, but it is estimated to be around 25,000 to 80,000 citizens from all over the country.

Since Saturday morning, over 1500 police officers had been mobilized in France to prevent any public damage and to keep the situation under control. These same police officers had reportedly detained over 35 people the capital, all of whom wore black clothes and carried equipment which was deemed as dangerous. Tear canisters had been used to detain people who were deemed as perpetrators of the law regarding damaging bus shelters, nearby glass doors, and even injuring the police with debris. The youth were led by leaders of strong unions like France Unbowed, and the General Confederation of Labour, all of whom blamed President Macron for introducing brutal policies in the country which were pro-business, and did not value the importance of common citizens.

All the rallies were ultimately led by people, all of whom believed that President Macron was steadily decreasing worker protection, and increasing police powers which would ultimately result in higher tax reforms standing as a hindrance in the path of a college student aiming for a good university. However, in response to previous allegations, President Macron had only repeated his words where he propagated what he believed – all these economic changes would make France a stronger global power, and no form of disorder would stop him from reaching his goal.


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