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Putin Confirms Ball Deciding Future US-Russia Relations to Lie Within America’s Court

In an interview which was published on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin opened up about his views on improving international ties between Russia and the United States in the future. In this interview, President Putin gave his statements regarding President Donald Trump of America, stating that Russia had finished doing her part, and from now on, any further changes of Russian-American relations lay within the trustworthy hands of President Trump.

President Putin then criticized many of his actions undertaken by President Trump, including his utter negligence of living up to the promises he had made on behalf of America during his campaign. Among these promises he had included the assured improvement of Russian-American relations, a fact that had not yet been taken into concert of the American President. Thus, President Putin made it clear he held President Trump with high respects, and that his personal efforts would always include the thought of betterment of their relations, even as the political relations between Moscow and Washington plummeted to new depths every day. Nevertheless, he mentioned that the ball remained in America’s court, and the decision depended upon the personal desires and acumen of the POTUS.

To wrap his interview up, President Putin announced that even though the world has rightly criticized President Trump upon almost every other decision he has taken, he still looked upon the American President as a man of reflection who would be able to listen and react to the arguments of other people accordingly, only if he ever chose to do so. All questions of a possible summit between the two leaders were also pushed aside with President Putin giving an answer that as beneficial as it might prove to be, the current domestic political situation in the US stood as a huge barrier between mutual positive communication.

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