Vladimir Putin: US-Russia relations are getting ‘worse and worse’

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Moscow, June 13: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said relations with the United States were getting “worse and worse”, quoted in an interview published on Thursday, noting the current US administration imposed several sanctions on Moscow.

According to Reuters news reports, Putin has made his assessment shortly ahead of the G20 summit scheduled to take place later this month in Osaka, Japan, during which he is expected to meet with US President Donald Trump.

Russia-US relations remain soared by everything from Ukraine to Syria, as well as, alleged claims of Russia meddling the US 2016 presidential election, which Russia strongly opposes.

“They (our relations) are going downhill, they are getting worse and worse,” Putin told the Mir TV channel, according to a Kremlin transcript.

“The current administration has approved, in my opinion, several dozen decisions on sanctions against Russia in recent years.”

The Russian president has contrasted Moscow’s tempered ties with the US with what he has described as its glooming relations with China, a bolstering strategic friendship that alarmed some US policymakers.

On Wednesday, the US president told reporters he would likely meet Putin in Japan on the sidelines of G20 summit but however, earlier a day, Kremlin has claimed the idea for a meeting was “handing in the air” and there were not any discussions related on that specific yet.

“…We really hope that common sense will prevail in the end,” said Putin.

“That with all of our partners, including our American partners … we can reach some decisions in the framework of the forthcoming G20 that will be constructive and create the necessary stable conditions for economic cooperation.”

Trump stated he hoped Washington would have “a great relationship with Russia” but vowed to deploy additional 1,000 troops to Poland which it sought to counter possible aggression from Russia.



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