Risk of No-deal Brexit ‘very real’: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker (Vincent Kessler/Reuters)

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday affirmed that the risk of a no-deal Brexit is ‘very real’.

Brexit has been a never-ending tale for the European Union and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom had decided in a referendum to leave the European Union in 2016.

Boris Johnson, who assumed office after Theresa May had stepped down from the Prime Ministership earlier this year. Ever since Johnson has assumed office, he has had a tough path to walk on.

Assuming office on the promise of providing a solution to the Brexit. He promised the people that on the day of the deadline, October 31st, he would leave the Union either with a deal or without one.

Ever since then, the United Kingdom Prime Minister has been facing roadblocks after roadblocks in the UK Parliament. The parliament has passed a law forcing the government to seek an extension in an event of a no-deal Brexit.

The issue with a deal stands with the question of Northern Ireland and Ireland. The UK Parliament has rejected a deal under Theresa May thrice. The deal provided an Irish backstop.

Juncker, who had met the UK Prime Minister earlier, said that the real issue has been the need of the backstop. Despite not having any personal attachment to it, Juncker said that he had supported the objectives due to which it was introduced.

The UK has yet to table a proposal which outlines the solution in place of the backstop. Recently, Boris Johnson had postponed a press conference which he was supposed to give with the Luxembourg Prime Minister.

Brexit has the most impact on Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Good Friday Agreement which was signed in 1999, had managed to put an end to the years of violence between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

If the no-deal Brexit becomes a reality and a hard border is enforced which is going to put the stability of the region into a direct threat of violence. EU’s Brexit Negotiator Micheal Barnier said, that even if the UK decided to have a no-deal Brexit, the issues which surround the Brexit talks would still have to be addressed.

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