Russia releases video and specifications of Su-57 Fighter Jet and Kh-59MK2 Missile to Public

Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu, General of the Russian army finally uploaded a video on behalf of the Kremlin, which beautifully captured the launch of a newly modified cruise missile from the internal weapons bay of the country. This video has now become not only the first ever recording of this new type of missile, the Su-57 being launched, but also the first ever video of the Su-57 being used in a weapons bay.

In a statement accompanying the video, Minister Shoygu revealed the fact that the Russian Ministry of Defence had flown the Su-57 above Syrian territories back in February, in order to attempt a missile launch on the battlefield. Those 2 fighter jets, however, had flown back home in two days, without causing any destruction, and it is still unknown whether it was the jet’s intention to merely spy on the enemies or not. However, via this video of the launch, most of the specifications of the missile and the jet have been cleared out. For instance, the Sukhoi Su-57 was a fifth generation, twin engine, stealth and fighter jet, and it has now been confirmed to be able to launch a personalized version of the Kh-59MK missile termed as the Kh-59MK2.

This Kh-59MK2 is a subsonic cruise missile with a modular and rectangular shape which is intended to boost the stealthy attributes of the weapon. It is also equipped with an infrared seeker which allows it to target precise moving targets from a long distance, which is navigated using INS with pre-embedded GPS. The missile also follows the two-way, man-in-the-loop control which allows the Su-57 to benefit from various ways, including the choice to retarget objects in real time. This Kh-59MK2 is expected to improve the overall performance of the Su-59 immensely, especially by increasing the range of the fighter jet, which will allow the combined result of the jet and the missile to be both precise and massive.


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