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Russian military men aged 16-60 banned from entering Ukraine during state of martial law

The Ukraine country has on Friday, banned the entry of Russian military men aged from 16 years to 60 years into the Ukraine, during the state period of martial law. Ukrainian President says restrictions are being made to prevent “private armies” which are forming on Ukrainian country soil.

Ukraine has imposed the martial law at border due to the Russians act of attacking Ukrainian warships. Russia has captured three Ukrainian warships, which were meant to venture into Black Sea regarding international maritime rules, as claimed by Ukraine. Russia has also capture 24 crew member and put them for trial.

Ukrainian move of banning Russian military aged 16 to 60 to enter Ukraine comes ahead of Russian step of capturing Ukrainian vessels on Sunday.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said these measures would help Russian to stop implanting “private army units … that are in fact subdivisions of the Russian army”.

Furthermost, Russia claims Ukraine has violated its own border, but however, Ukraine claims its ships were meant to act in line with international maritime into the Black Sea.

Head of the border service Petr Tsigikal said agencies are no highest alert mode operation and would only apple checks of all foreigner to enter Ukraine except the Russian.

Tsigikal said exceptions has been made for the cases such as funeral for the Russians to enter Ukraine.

Kiev on Thursday, has announced to stoppage of foreigner’s right to enter Crimea via Ukraine. According to this, it means that Ukraine is the only way to enter Crimea, on which Ukraine has imposed rule making it illegal. It is still unclear whether exceptions on this rule are yet to be made or not.

Poroshenko has urged Russia to deploy their warships back to the Sea of Azov, while Russia has warned Ukraine that it would increase the tensions between the two countries.

According to news reports, the agency has quoted Russian government Lyudmila Lubina saying that Ukrainian vessels are being transferred back to Ukraine, but the 24 crew member will remain in trail custody in Crimea.


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