Saudi Arabia’ King Salman accepts hosting US forces to boost regional security, stability

Riyadh, July 20: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has endorsed hosting the United States forces in the Kingdom in order to boost regional stability and security, as per the state-run SPA news agency reports on Friday.

A defence ministry official was quoted by SPA news agency as saying the development aims “to increase joint cooperation in defence of regional security and stability and to preserve its peace”.

Recently, President Donald Trump administration said it was reinforcing its much controversial military ties with Saudi Arabia by preparing to deploy hundreds of American troops to the nation amid rising Iran tensions.

at least five hundred troops are likely to be sent to the Prince Sultan Air Base, resides in a deserted eastern region of Riyadh, the Saudi capital, as per the reports of two US defence officials.

The development comes as the US and Saudi Arabia ties remain “extremely” sensitive amid anger of bipartisan congressional over the handling process of the Trump administration in the murder case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi was killed in Saudi consulate of Istanbul last month on October 2, after which a CIA assessment showed the Kingdom’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, also famous as MbS, has ordered the killing of the journalist, critical of MbS.

But, the Trump administration has said it was committed to making efforts to assist protect Riyadh against Iranian tensions.

A few days back, the US House of Representatives has on Wednesday voted to block “emergency” arms sales to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


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