South Korea President Moon Jae-In to visit Russia upon President Putin’s Invitation

The Blue House of South Korea announced on the 8th of June that President Moon Jae-in had accepted President Vladimir Putin’s formal invitation to visit Russia for an official summit between the countries. President Moon Jae-in’s trip to the Kremlin is set to be undertaken in the form of a 2-day state visit from the 21st of June to the 23rd. The entire report was broadcasted in South Korea by the Yonhap News Agency late Friday.

If everything goes according to plan, 2018 will mark the first state visit between Russia and South Korea since the official state visit undertaken by Former South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung to Russia for a summit with a Former Soviet politician, and First President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin. During this upcoming visit, President Moon Jae-in is expected to discuss with Russian politicians ways to improve their international relations and increase South Korea’s practical cooperation with the country, the latter having been a key point in the New Northern Policy implemented by President Moon Jae-in. A thorough discussion regarding the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and relations with North Korea is also scheduled for review at the summit.

The Blue House also announced that this summit with President Putin was expected to strengthen strategic communication between Russia and South Korea, and ensure an eventual understanding of mutual cooperation for when peace finally reigns over the Korean Peninsula. During his visit to the country, President Moon Jae-in is also expected to address Russia’s State Duma, which is like a lower house of the Parliament. On the non-political side, President Moon Jae-in’s visit to Russia coordinates perfectly with the FIFA World Cup Match between South Korea and Mexico, which he is scheduled to attend at the Rostov Arena by the Don River at Rostov-on-Don.


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