Sudan protests leaders call for nighttime marches amid impasse with ruling military

Khartoum, June 18: Sudanese main protesting group leaders have on Monday called for marches and demonstrations at night in the capital Khartoum amid a tense impasse with the ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) over who should lead the nation, since the forced removal of dictator Omar al-Bashir.

According to Al-Jazeera news reports, the protest leaders said they have already begun a “revolutionary escalation” to ratchet up pressure on the military council to hand power over to a civilian transitional body and criticized the military crackdown on Khartoum’s sit-ins camps earlier June.

The opposition alliance called for nighttime protests in Khartoum’s residential region, as well as, other regions beginning on Tuesday in order to “ask for our main demands, which are the transitional civilian rule and condemning the massacre of June 3”.

Marches and demonstrations are expected to be held around the nation on Wednesday and Thursday also.

“We are calling on our people in villages, towns and all over the country to participate,” the alliance said.

The Sudanese Professionals Association’s activist Dura Gambo has said protesters were still meeting with deadly repressions as they feared Rapid Security Forces and other armed units were on the streets of the capital and other cities.

“Street demonstrations are risky. It means more crackdown and deaths,” she said.

However, the discussion between the oppositional alliance and the TMC are expected to be resumed following a close mediation led by Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, though it was still unclear when would the talks begin.

During a media conference on Monday, protest leader Mohamed Naji al-Assam told reporters, “We welcome the mediation by Ethiopia.” But, he criticized what he called were “the horrors committed by the forces affiliated with the (ruling) military council” at the sit-ins protesters on June 3.

Gambo stated protesters again opt to go to the streets as soon as they learnt the army council “started to pull out of the previous deals”.

“There is a total impasse. The negotiations have been suspended, internet services remain blocked, and the Ethiopian mediations apparently did not make progress,” she said.

TMC deputy chief Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has on Sunday vowed “whoever committed any fault” would be held accountable. “We are working hard to take those who did this to the gallows,” he said.



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