Sudan: Opposition alliance suspends negotiations with ruling TMC as expresses reservation over power-sharing deal

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Khartoum, July 20: Sudanese opposition alliance of civilian and protesting groups has on Thursday postponed their negotiations with the nation’s ruling transitional military council (TMC) after civil disobedient movement’s members expressed reservations over the “power-sharing” agreement inked earlier this week with the army generals.

Talks scheduled for Friday which at aimed at concluding the power-sharing deal and breaking a political impasse that Sudan is facing since the protesters toppled ex-President Omar al-Bashir three months ago, were postponed, according to opposition figures.

While adding no dates had been yet finalized for negotiations to relaunch, opposition alliance leader Omar al-Digeir told the AFP news agency: “We need more internal consultation to reach a united vision.”

Two other protest leaders Taha Osman and Siddig Youssef also confirmed the reports the talks had been postponed, according to Al-Jazeera news reports.

The trio stated the three revel groups – the Forces of Freedom and Change – had doubts over “political declaration” that struck with the TMC.

They said the Wednesday deal was “unacceptable”, insisting it didn’t talk of achieving peace in Sudan’s warzones or addressing any needs of those affected by the civil war.

“I’m going to Addis Ababa to meet the Sudan Revolutionary Front to get their opinion,” Digeir said, while giving reference to the trio, currently residing in Ethiopia’s capital. Youssef said “they are not happy with” the deal inked with the military leaders.

In Addis Ababa, the Sudan Revolutionary Front head Gibril Ibrahim told reporters: “Unfortunately, some parties chose not to pay any attention to those issues and went ahead without consulting with their colleagues.”





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