British SC to begin hearings on Boris Johnson’ parliament suspension today

Brexit Deal Boris Johnson

Glasgow [United Kingdom], Sep 17: British Supreme Court is slated on Tuesday to kick-off hearing arguments focused on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s controversial move to suspend the parliament.

Last week, Johnson suspended parliament, a few days ahead of his administration’s scheduled Queen’s formal speech scheduled for October 14.

However, critics have blamed Johnson, who leads the Conservative Party, for proroguing parliament for five consecutive weeks in an attempt to push through a “disastrous” no-deal Brexit with the European Union (EU).

According to Al-Jazeera, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (UK) is expected to have its final call on the suspension legality, however, after judges in Scotland and England came to contrasting the results.

Johnson has said he will “wait and see what the judges say” ahead of deciding whether to recall UK parliament.

The Supreme Court is expected to hear two appeals in an attempt to determine whether Johnson’s move was acted lawfully in proroguing parliament. The hearing will kick off at around 10:30 BST and expected to last until Thursday.

Edinburgh’s Court of Session has said the move was unlawful and the London High Court has claimed it wasn’t a matter of court, according to BBC news.





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