Ceasefire between Taliban-Afghan is ‘quickest way to prevent casualties’ in war-torn Afghanistan, US’ Khalilzad says

United States special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has on Monday said a “ceasefire” between the Taliban and the Kabul government is the fastest way to prevent casualties in war-torn Afghan country.

In a tweet, Khalilzad stated: “The quickest way to prevent casualties is to agree to a ceasefire. Taliban senior leadership should allow their representatives to come to the table and discuss. I will continue to press the case.”

He continued tweeting that the US entered the Afghan peace process because more war is not the solution, according to ANI news reports.

He said, during the rounds of discussions, “I have proposed ways to reduce violence. By refusing to work with us to end the killing, the Talibs are prolonging it. Let Afghan people judge whether Talib statements encouraging more violence is way forward.”

He went on to say that Kabul has been at war for decades, and at times with each other, more than tens of thousands of innocents have lost their lives, and rather than another season of fighting, Afghans are demanding a new path forward.

Khalilzad has made these remarks following a terror attack in Shirzad district of Afghan by Taliban of Friday. Till date, the envoy has held five rounds of Afghan peace talks with the Taliban in a bid to put an end to the 17-year-long Afghan war and crisis.


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