Taliban-Afghan talks in interest of everyone : Pakistan Foreign Minister

Pakistan wants the Taliban to give up their refusal attitude towards talks with the Afghanistan government in order to bring peace to war-torn nation and to bring the 17-year-old conflict under the negotiation.

In a conversation with Dawn on Thursday, Pakistani’s foreign minister Mehmood Qureshi said, “We want them to sit together. It is for Afghans to sort out their problems and as long as they do not sit down and talk to each other, outsiders can do little to help them.”

Last month, Pakistan had a meeting with the Taliban and the United States in Abu Dhabi, which was attended by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The US and UAE described the talks as “productive” and “positive”, but the Taliban remained stuck to the decision to not hold talks with the Afghanistan government, which they call them a “puppet regime”.

According to news reported by Dawn, Afghan chief executive Abdullah on Wednesday criticized the Taliban’s refusal to hold talks with the Afghan government and said as long as it did not happen, the conflict would remain the same in Afghanistan.

Abdullah, in his microblogging site, wrote in a post: “Pakistan is facilitating efforts for a peaceful solution in Afghanistan. We believe that an intra-Afghan dialogue is the only way to a successful negotiated settlement.”

Qureshi said, “No one could have thought of US and Taliban representatives sitting under one roof and talking to each other, but that happened”.

In its latest Pakistani effort towards the Afghan peace process, Qureshi visited Iran, China, Russia, and Afghanistan to take their leadership on board.


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