US President Trump says immigration raids to come ‘fairly soon’

Washington DC, July 6: United States President Donald Trump has on Friday said immigration raids would kick off “fairly soon” as the nation’s migrant advocates pledged their communities would get “ready: after the arrival of immigration officials.

According to Reuters news reports, Trump, who has earlier made a hardline stance on immigration a crucial issue of his 2020 re-election presidential bid, delayed the operation process after the date was somehow revealed last month, but however, on Monday, he said the raids are scheduled after July 4.

At the White House, the US president said, “They’ll be starting fairly soon, but I don’t call them raids, we’re removing people, all of these people who have come in over the years illegally.”

Last month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has stated operations would largely target a fresh range of arrived undocumented migrants in an attempt to avert a surge of migrants from Central America at the southern US border.

In an official statement, the ICE said the council’s focus was detained people who have criminal records but if any migrant found suspicion over breaching the US laws, then it would be subjected to arrest.

The documents published by the migrant rights groups this week depicted a few past ICE operations concluded more “collateral” detentions of undocumented migrants agents (happened to find) than that of targeted people.



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