Trump inks orders to establish ‘United States Space Force’ as sixth military branch

The United States President Donald Trump has on Tuesday inked an executive order in order to establish a ‘United States Space Force’ considering it as a new armed service of the air forces within the department.

According to New York Times news reports, as per the MoU signed by the US president in his oval office, the new space force would be consist of both combat support functions and combat in order to enable prompt and sustained offensive and defensive space operations, and joint operations in all domains.

In order to meet and protect the American national interest in space as well as the peaceful use of it for all responsible consistent with applicable law, actors, including the international law to ensure free use of space for the national security purposes, partners, persons and economy and allies, in an addition to block aggression, it has said.

Also, Trump has described the space force as the future of the US forces. He said the space force is going to be a large part of Washington’s defence.

Trump said, “It’s the future is where we’re going. I suspect whether we like it or not, that’s where we’re going … in space. That’s the next step and we have to be prepared. Our adversaries, whether we get along with them or not, they are up in space.”

He added saying, “We’re investing in new space capabilities to project military power and safeguard our nation’s interest, especially when it comes to safety and defence. This directive calls on the secretary of defence to develop a legislative proposal that will establish the structure and authority of the space force at the sixth branch of the US armed forces.”

He said the space force will train, equip and organize the next generation of the fighters to block aggression and further defend the country, American interest and its allies against any hostile actions.

Trump said, “We have a lot of new defensive weapons and offensive weapons designed specifically for this and now we’re going to start advantage of. This is something they could have done sooner, but they decided to wait. And here I am.”

He said his administration has taken historic actions in order to create an American space command within the department of defence to oversee the country’s military space operations. The president said, “Now in the face of these threats, all around the world, American leadership in space is more important than it ever has been before.”


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