US President Trump threatens Cuba of highest-level sanction, full embargo amid Venezuela crisis

warning is being given by donald trump

United States President Donald Trump has on Tuesday threatened Cuba of a full and complete embargo, along with “highest-level sanctions” if Cuba continued its military operation to support Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The US president took it to twitter and said if Cuba does not immediately “CEASE” military and other operation for the purpose of “causing death and destruction” to the Constitution of Venezuela, highest-level US sanctions with full and complete embargo will be placed on the island of Cuba.

Trump said he hopes that all Cuban military forces will peacefully and promptly return back to their homeland island, according to ANI news reports.

Trump’s warning came against the backdrop of clashes between Venezuelan law enforcement officers and anti-government protesters led by opposition leader Juan Guaido on Tuesday in the country’s capital Caracas.

Nations like Turkey, Russia, China and Cuba amongst others slammed foreign interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, ratcheting up pressure on the embattled Venezuelan president to step down. Earlier, the US had imposed sanctions against Cuba including imposing a travel ban to the Latin American country.

Maduro has on Tuesday accused protesters backing Juan Guaido of attempting to “attack and overthrow a legitimate government to enslave Venezuela”.

Guaido’s Tuesday demonstration call led protesters to summon at the La Carlota military airbase, during which confrontation took place between supporters of Maduro and Guaido, CNN reported.

Reportedly, around 71 people lost their lives, including 42 wounded, as the nation witnessed one of the deadliest days ever since Guaido declared himself as the interim Venezuelan president in January, ratcheting up political crisis.


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