Donald Trump to visit S Korea in June to discuss N Korean denuclearization with President Moon

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Washington, May 16: United States President Donald Trump is slated to pay an official visit to South Korea in late June in order to discuss efforts regarding the complete denuclearization of North Korea’s peninsula.

The White House released an officials press statement which stated, “President Donald J. Trump will visit the Republic of Korea to meet with President Moon Jae-in, in conjunction with his travel to the region to attend the G20 summit in late June.”

During Trump’s official trip to South Korea, he will also hold talks with Seoul President Moon Jae-in, during which both leaders will discuss efforts to bolster Washington-Seoul strategic partnership, as well as, bilateral cooperations, according to ANI news reports.

Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula has been on top of agenda as the talks between the US and North Korea have been stalled since the second summit between Trump and his Pyongyang counterpart Kim Jong-un held in Hanoi, Vietnam, which ended abruptly without reaching any nuclear deal due to large-scale differences as Trump focused over Kim’s last year commitment of full denuclearization and Kim stressed over US sanctions relief. Since then, N Korea has launched multiple projectiles on two occasions.

The US president’s visit to S Korea comes shortly after weeks when Moon paid a visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last month, during which an idea to hold an inter-Korean conference over denuclearization was proposed.




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