Ankara not going back from Russian S-400 defence system deal, Turkey’ Erdogan says

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said on Wednesday Ankara will not go back from its Russian agreement to purchase S-400 missile defence system, and that the country may subsequently be looking forward to purchasing S-500 missile defence systems.

According to Reuters news reports, NATO member Ankara has repeatedly said it is committed to purchasing the Russian S-400 defence missile system, neglecting warnings from the United States President Donald Trump that the Russian system can’t be integrated into NATO air defence system.

On Tuesday, the US state department said Washington had already told Turkey that if it attempts to buy S-400 defence system, the US will need to reassess Turkey’s participation in Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter programme.

During an interview with broadcaster Kanal 24, Erdogan stated it would be considered as “immoral” for his country if turned back from its pact with Moscow.

Erdogan added that if the United States could not take back the weapons it had given to the militia in Syria, it should give them to Turkey.

Turkish foreign minister Cavusoglu said Ankara’s purchase of S-400 defence missile system from Russia is a done deal, despite the US’ efforts to persuade Ankara to buy the American Patriot system instead.


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