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UK government presents Brexit Plans to European Union

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United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has tabled his plans regarding the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement to the European Union. The EU and the UK have been at different ends with regards to the Withdrawal Agreement, particularly the Irish Backstop.

Theresa May during her time as the Prime Minister had come to an agreement with the European Union over the Withdrawal Agreement which had a provision of a backstop in Ireland. A plan which was rejected thrice by the Parliament.

The Republic of Ireland, an EU member shares its border with the United Kingdom.  The government has been caught in a fix over the questions of an extension if no deal is agreed upon by October 19th.

In a letter written to the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, the United Kingdom had made it clear that it would eliminate the backstop and in place would stay in the single market of the Union but would leave the customs union which would bring in new Custom Checks.

This comes after the Johnson government had received heavy criticism in the UK for his inability to come up with a proposed plan, especially regarding the Irish Backstop. The government has also been accused of the failure in finding a workable solution regarding Brexit.

On the proposal received, the EU has said the some progress has been made but had many problems in it. There have been concerns regarding custom checks in Northern Ireland which would increase tension between the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The plan highlights five elements around which the issue of Northern Ireland can be solved. according to a report in the BBC, the government has proposed that customs check take place away from the border and would maintain its commitments as per the Good Friday Agreements. It would also create an ‘All-Island Regulatory Zone’ which would keep certain EU legislation regarding agriculture in Northern Island. It will only continue only after it gets consent from the people in Ireland, an exercise which would happen after every four years.

The Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom were involved in tensions regarding the Northern Ireland which led to the most bloody period in the history of both the countries. The Good Friday Agreement had brought an end to the violence and brought the Irish people in the mainstream.

With the plans being tabled, it shows the signs of a possible deal with both the parties showing a willingness to find a solution. The UK is set to leave the Union on October 31st, if it fails to come to an agreement by October 19th, UK would seek an extension.

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