United Nations adopts global migration pact, opposed by United States with other nations

The United Nations general assembly on Wednesday, formally agreed to the global migration pact which aimed at boosting the global cooperation to manage or tackle the hike in migration, but however, the proposed global deal was opposed by the United States, Poland, Czench Republic, Hungary and Israel as they voted against the voluntary global pact.

The US President Donald Trump’s administration said the global approach over the issue was not at all compatible with the US sovereignty and also Washington would not be taking any kind of part into the negotiations over the global migration pact.

A UN general assembly resolution manifesting the deal was adopted with 152 votes in favour on Wednesday, with 12 abstentions, along with 24 countries who did not voted on the pact. During the ceremony in Morocco in this month, 164 countries formally approved and signed the global pact.

The accord which used to address issues like how to protect migrants, separate them and send back to their homes, has been since July, criticized by most of the right-wing European politicians, who believes that it could lead to increasing immigration from Arab and African countries.

Belgium has on Wednesday, voted in favour of the global pact by UN resolution. Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel has on Tuesday, offered to resign after its opponents voted a no-confidence vote in the political crisis which was triggered by Michel’s support for the UN resolution global pact.


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