The Indian Wire » World » United States conducts “freedom of navigation, China rebukes the American naval vessels sailed out tgo South China

United States conducts “freedom of navigation, China rebukes the American naval vessels sailed out tgo South China

China has on Friday, rebuked the America’s alleged move to send naval vessels close to China at disputed island of South China Sea – island where Beijing is on a mission to construct military installation.

To flag “freedom of navigation” operations, the US recently send their military planes and warships near to the area of the island. This international law was claimed by China, which is a signal of the country’s right under international law.  It was an intended act of the US to give Beijing a single of US right under this international law which was passed by China.

In a statement, People’s Liberation Army Southern Theater spokesperson Li Huamin said the USS Chancellorsville missile was guided on Monday, to enter sea off the Paracel Islands.

To send warnings to leave the sea was given to the American vessels and aircraft and warships were also scrambled. Aircrafts and warships went scrambled, to send warnings to the American vessels to quickly departure from the area.

Li said, “We urge the US to strengthen the management of its vessels and aircraft that pass by Chinese territory to prevent unexpected events.”

During addressing a press conference, foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said due to this action by US, a diplomatic complaint has been lodged against the US, warning the US to “immediately stop such provocative actions that violate China’s sovereignty”.

China claimed that parts of islands are claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam and Malaysia.

China has started an operation to build up reefs, which will be capable of hosting military planes, into the artificial islands. This naval operation by US was the second operation to irk China.

A diplomatic protest prompted through these kinds of action, was the third operation this year.

This issue has been raised ahead of the G20 summit in Argentina between US President Donald Trump and China President Xi Jinping.

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