United States withdraws from UNESCO citing Palestinian Tensions

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United States has finally withdrawn from UNESCO citing issues relating to Palestinian Tensions. The move was announced by Heather Nauert, spokesperson of the state department. The decision comes after a number of resolutions were criticised by UNESCO, which was termed as anti-Israel by the United States. There were speculations going on since a bit of time and the same was formally announced on Thursday.

US has stopped funding the UNESCO over issues related to Palestine in 2011. Since then, the UNESCO has maintained its office in Paris headquarters. UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation is going to vote this week to choose a new director. At such a time, an announcement worth such magnitude can be very influencing. Though US states that the dispute over funding is a major reason behind it pulling out, the stance of US on Palestine cannot be ignored.

The administration led by Trump in the US has hinted towards making no changes in the proposed budget over the funding to UNESCO.

US has earlier pulled out from UNESCO as well. It did the same in 1980 citing misfunctioning and accused it of being used for political reasons. However, it had rejoined the organisation in 2003.