US, allies don’t dare attack Iran because of its ‘spirit of resistance’: IRGC commander Rashid

Tehran, May 23: Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander has on Wednesday said the United States and its allies should not dare to launch attacks over Iran because of its “spirit of resistance”.

IRGC commander major-general Gholamali Rashid was quoted by Sputnik as saying, “If criminal America and its Western and regional allies don’t dare date to carry out a face-to-face military attack against our country it is because of the spirit of resistance and sacrifice of the people and youth.”

According to ANI news reports, Rashid’s warning comes in the midst of the increasing presence of US military in the Middle East to deter Iran’s “threat”.

Washington has ordered B052 bombers and carries strike warship off the coast of Fujairah in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) to fight an unexplained and alleged threat from Tehran.

The US has deployed maximum amount of its troops in the world’s most disputed waterways, the Persian Gulf, in what the American officials said was a recent reaction to images showing Tehran loading its missiles onto small vessels, as per The Times of Israel reports.

The diplomatic tensions have risen between the US and Iran, as President Donald Trump has imposed several sanctions on the nation.

Moreover, the Pentagon has on Friday announced the deployment of a naval warship and a Patriot missile defense battery to the Middle East.



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