US firms willing to participate in 2nd Chinese import expo despite trade frictions: Ren Hongbin

Beijing, July 26: The United States firms have shown willingness to participate in China’s import expo notwithstanding trade tensions between the two nations, Chinese associate commerce minister Ren Hongbin stated on Friday.

The 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE), slated to take place from November 5 to 10, will carry a large number of international companies together with the Chinese buyers in an attempt to express the importing capability of the world’s second-largest economy.

“For the United States, even through there are some bilateral trade frictions, it cannot stop U.S. firms from attaching importance to the Chinese market and their great enthusiasm for the Chinese market,” Ren told a news conference.

China held its very first import expo in Shanghai a year ago and marked $57.8 billion worth of arrangements. Ren said it is difficult to anticipate the size of arrangements for the import expo this year.

The number of Washington’s firms taking an interest in the current year’s import reasonable will outperform a year ago’s a level of more than 170, Ren said, according to Reuters news reports.

Wang Bingnan, vice commerce minister told the same media briefing Beijing will additionally lower its import taxes and further unveil its market to the exposure of the foreign firms.

“The purpose of our holding of the import expo is not simply expanding imports, but putting more emphasis on improving import structures while keeping export growth steady,” he said.


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