US-Mexico border wall to be constructed next year, destroys a sanctuary centre

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A hundred acres of butterfly sanctuary centre in Texas, along with the Rio Grande valley are going to be bulldozed (knock down) in order to make a new way for the United States President Donald Trump border wall with Mexico (US-Mexico border wall).

According to experts, the construction over the butterfly sanctuary centre would disturb and endangered species and might put species at a risk of extinction.

The sanctuary’s executive director Marianna Wright claimed about 70 percent of the land would end up on other side of the US-Mexico border wall, which belongs to the centre.

According to news reports, the wall is expected to be of about three-story wall with a steel beams of about 18-foot long rising through a concrete base. The construction could be started in the month February, 2019.

In order to build US-Mexico border wall through the Rio Grande valley, Trump administration is about to bypass 28 federal laws, in order to protect the environment.

The organization – Animal Legal Defence Fund with other two, tries to testify the government before the court, but however, court declined the petition of organizations and ordered in the favour of the Trump government.

According to news reports, senior stay attorney for the Animal Legal Defence Fund organization Tony Eliseuson said, “The border wall and the border region is an area of tremendous biodiversity and wildlife.”

Eliseuson said, “It’s a very rich environmental area, and this border wall will have a devastating impact on both the environment and many, many species.”

Environmental activists and experts has claimed that the construction will endangered the species and could lead to extinction of endangered species like, contamination of drinking water and bulldozing historical sites. It also said around hundreds of thousands of butterflies passes through the sanctuary area every year.

Wright said, “Just like farmers get crop yield in acres and inches, we get butterflies based on what we have planted in acres and inches.,” adding, “So having a wide swath of our property bulldozed is going to negatively impact the volume of the species and diversity of the species.”

In 2017, the contract workers were cited with chainsaws clearing out the protected habitat of the area and even the government has been taken to the court by the centre. Wright said, “This is criminal. And unconstitutional.”


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