US-Mexico border wall ‘will get built anyway’, Trump claims

The United States President Donald Trump has said on Tuesday the border wall between the US along with Mexico would get built anyway despite what kind of agreements being reached over border security funding by the US democratic congress and Republican.

According to Sputnik news reports, while addressing his supporters in El Paso in Texas, Trump said, “We’ll be building the wall anyway. They [congressmen] say that progress has been made […] I said: ‘Wait a minute, I gotta take care of my people from Texas, I’ve got to go, I don’t even wanna hear about it.’ So I don’t know what they mean [when they say] ‘progress has been made,” Fox News reported.

Earlier on Tuesday, the US Senator Richard Shelby said the lawmakers had reached to an agreement over border security funding that would further avert another partial federal shutdown after the recent one that has lasted for 35 days, and was triggered by a conflict between congressional Democrats and Trump over funding for Trump’s demand of US-Mexico border wall.

While the US president has pitched Congress to fund $5.7 billion in order to build a border wall, the US lawmakers agreed to provide about $1.4 billion. Furthermost, Trump has repeatedly warned of national emergency in order to address what he called legal immigration and drug trafficking as well as human trafficking. An emergency, if declared, would have allowed Trump to order American military to construct a border wall with funds coming from elsewhere in the federal government.

However, Democrats have introduced, in the US Senate, a bill named as the RAIDER act which was designed to bar Trump from accessing emergency funds to construct a wall between the US and Mexico.

In particular, the legislation would “prohibit the use of amounts appropriated for military construction or the Army Corps of Engineers for the construction of barriers, land acquisition, or any other associated activities on the southern border without specific statutory authorization from Congress“.

After the 35-day federal shutdown, Trump and US lawmakers reportedly reopened federal temporarily for three weeks until February 15 to negotiate a pact over border wall and security.


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