The Indian Wire » World » US needs to behave rationally, correct mistakes if seeks future trade talks: China

US needs to behave rationally, correct mistakes if seeks future trade talks: China

Trump is not happy with China

Beijing, May 23: Chinese commerce ministry spokesperson Geo Feng has on Thursday said the United States needs to correct its actions and behave rationally if it wants to resume trade dialogues with Beijing.

The spokesperson also noted China had lodged “a solemn protest” against the US moves regarding Chinese tech giant Huawei.

The US, in the meantime, has also put Huawei, including its 70 other affiliates on a blacklist, restricting the company’s activities in the nation, as well as, prompting various firms across the world to halt their collaborating with China’s corporation, accusing Huawei of espionage.

Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump has increased tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion up to 25 percent from the earlier 10 percent rate.

China, which has already placed tariffs on nearly all of America’s exports, including agriculture products, has vowed to retaliate “in kind” and threatened to respond with additional “countermeasures” if the 25 percent rate kicks in.

Google has also ceased its business operation with China’s Huawei, blocking the firm from updates to its new Android operating system, according to Sputnik news reports.

On May 21, the US announced temporary ease of sanctions to US firms using products of Huawei, that has been deemed as a threat to the nation’s security by Washington.

Trump has last Wednesday inked an executive order which barred American companies from using any telecommunication equipment from Huawei which the Trump administration had deemed as a national security threat.

The US took the decision in the midst of a trade war between China and the United States. Earlier, the White House officials have refused to identify Huawei and China as the intended target of the executive order.

The US department has issued a temporary general license which is effective for 90 days that allows Huawei to buy the US goods in order to maintain existing networks and hence, continue to provide wireless connectivity and services. Huawei is still banned from buying American products to make its own new product.


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