US, North Korean officials in contact to arrange third Trump-Kim summit: S Korean Moon

increasing differences between US and North Korea

The United States and North Korean officials are in contact holding “behind-the-scene talks” in order to arrange a historic third summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his American counterpart Donald Trump, South Korean president Moon Jae-in on Wednesday said.

According to Al-Jazeera news reports, discussion based on potential meeting over the fate of Pyongyang’s nuclear programme come after four months of the second summit between the US and North Korean leaders held in Hanoi, Vietnam, which ended abruptly without reaching any nuclear deal as Kim stressed for sanctions relief and Trump focused over Kim’s last year commitment of full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Since the Hanoi summit failure, no public meeting or talks has been held between Pyongyang and Washington but, prospects for the resumption of North Korea-US diplomacy have raised since Kim and Trump exchanged personal letters.

Moon said he does not see the Hanoi summit as a failed meeting and further stressed importance of patience to bridge the 70-year “sea of mistrust”.

Moon thinks the meeting behaved as a chance for both the nations to better acknowledge each other’s positions and “put everything they want on the negotiating table”.

“The success of denuclearisation and the peace process on the Korean Peninsula cannot be determined by a summit or two,” Moon said. “Both sides clearly understand the necessity for dialogue,” he added.

Kim has on Sunday received a personal letter from the US president of “excellent content”, state-run media said, amid a nuclear impasse between Washington and Pyongyang.

Though two nations have put blame on each other for the collapse of the second summit and failing to reach a common deal, both expressed their willingness to hold a meeting resuming nuclear negotiations, with the US president saying he had received a “beautiful letter” earlier this month from the N Korean leader.


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