US places ‘intense pressure’ on Iran, seeks Southeast nations to acknowledge illicit Tehran’s oil shipments


A top US sanctions official has on Friday said that the United States was keen to let Singapore, Malaysia and others be fully aware of the illegitimate Iranian regime’s oil shipments and the different ways the Iranian regime is using to deceive the international community and evade sanctions.

According to Reuters news reports, under-secretary of the treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence Sigal Mandelker has told reporters in Singapore that the US had placed some addition “intense pressure” on Iran and its regime this week.

While referring to her discussions in Malaysia and Singapore, Mandelker said, “It’s very important that these countries have important visibility into the different ways the Iranian regime uses to deceive the international community in connection with the shipment of oil.”

She said she would stress for the inherent risks into dealing with Iran in the meetings with the government officials in India, Malaysia and Singapore over coming days.

Mandelker said, “This trip follows on the heels of additional intense pressure we have placed on Iran. In just the last week, we took action against nuclear scientists and agencies and other key personnel involved with the Iranian regime’s past nuclear weapons entities.”

She added,  “We are making them radioactive to the international community.” She said she was to due to hold a meeting with Singapore’s finance and trade, home ministries on Friday.

She stated actions had been taken over Turkey-, UAE– and Iran-based front companies in an Iranian sanctions evasion scheme.

She asserted Washington was also trying to bring “maximum pressure” over the embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government.


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