US preparing military invasion in Venezuela to oust President Nicolas Maduro: Russian security Patrushev

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Russian security council Nikolai Patrushev has on Wednesday said the United States shows “sarcasm and arrogance” towards the Venezuelan people and that it is planning a military invasion in Venezuela in order to overthrow the embattled Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

According to Sputnik news reports, Nikolai stressed that the US, which is preparing to deploy American special forces in Colombia and Puerto, is planning an invasion of Venezuela to oust Maduro from power.

Nikolai said: “By showing sarcasm and arrogance towards the Venezuelan people, the United States is preparing a military invasion on an independent state. The transfer of American special forces to Puerto Rico, the landing of US forces in Colombia and other facts clearly indicate that the Pentagon is reinforcing the grouping of troops in the region in order to overthrow the lawfully elected incumbent president (Nicolas) Maduro.”

As he explained further, Venzuela has declined to accept international humanitarian aid imposed on it by the US because Maduro understands that the US president Donald Trump is trying to overthrow him, who was democratically elected by Venezuela for president post.

Nikolai said, “And the Venezuelan people understand this well. Hence, such a reaction, the refusal to accept cargo from the aggressor country and the support of their president.”

He also noted that Washington has proposed Moscow to hold a separate dialogues over Venezuelan crisis, and Russia had agreed. However, the US later began to use far-fetched pretexts in order to avoid these consulations.



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